Wednesday, 5 February 2014

#WoWscreenshotaday Feb 5th: Square

Hey you squares!

<laughs hysterically at own joke>

Well, WoWscreenshot a day is off to a flying start! Already we have 9 people contributing, which will keep me very busy! :P

Our new participants since my last post are:

Who snuck in via twitter, and luckily I check my #WoWscreenshotaday hashtag! :P

So welcome!

Here are the screenshots for day 1 and 2:

DAY 1: You

This one took me a moment. It's an exploding sheep or "ewe"

not technically a screenshot, but cool nonetheless

DAY 2: Favourite

Favourite Area - Crystalsong forest

Favourite race - Harpy

A mermaid stained glass

Favourite mount

Favourite mount, pet and transmog

Favourite quest - Sentinel's game

Favourite city - Silvermoon

Favourite area - Teldrassil
Favourite moment - Giving friends Winter Veil gifts


  1. There are some really nice shots there. It's fun seeing everyone's representation of the words you given us to work with.

    I'm playing along as well...just a few days late.

    1. ooops....typo...should be "words you've given us"...