Friday, 16 August 2013

Do we need more levels? - Wow Insider Community blog topic

The gauntlet has been thrown down.
The horse has bolted.

Wow Insider has asked “Do we need more levels?

Yes, with 5.4 looming, thoughts have already turned to WoW 6.0!

And with that comes the very likely possibility that we will have to grind all our alts through another 5 or 10 levels.

But is this a good thing?

Well, as someone who came reasonably late to WoW, I missed a huge amount of stuff. I never really saw much of Outlands and I never ran a Lich King Raid while it was still relevant.  When I level my army of alts, I TRY to see more of these areas.  But I am keenly aware that there is hundreds of hours of gameplay that I may never explore.

The main reason for this in my experience is, levels. Why sit and explore all the Outland quests, Raids and rep grinds if it’s useless when you hit 70?  (Unless, of course you’re a twink, something which I keep meaning to try when I can find a good twink guild.)

Let’s examine an Azeroth where once you hit level 60 that was as high as you got. First, you’d want to spend a large amount of time with 40 friends getting AQ 40 gear, because once you stepped into Outlands it would be gear quality, and knowing how to play your class that would keep you alive. All enemies would be maxxed at 60 as well (except for the Fel Reaver-esque elites and the Raid bosses of course) but the gear could keep scaling in the raids as you went from Outlands, to Lich King, to Cata, to Pandaria.

The jump between areas wouldn’t be so big, and those who didn’t raid in one expansion could just decide to see a new bit one day for something different.

Then, it may be possible to spend months exploring Outlands and simply travel to Pandaria for the weekly raid without feeling like you’re not perfectly geared.

Since WoW is such a large drain on time, it would make it much easier to have 2 or 3 toons whom one plays really well, and can pull out at raid time if necessary.

If that were to happen, spending 3 weeks chasing that elusive pet in Northrend would not take away from your overall il, you may even improve it!

But would we miss levelling?

I would not miss levelling per se as watching that little bar fill up SO SLOWLY annoys me.

But I would miss the ability to do complex things by myself.  WoW IS a social game, but friends are not always on.  There are some parts of Pandaria that I have not yet done, and am not likely to do because they are not soloable, but the gear they drop is too low level to be of any use. So I DO look forward to the day that I can finish some of these things myself.

And Transmog addicts would hate it. Getting transmog would not be an exercise in soloing a lower level heroic, it would require a group of 5 who were willing to pay attention and agree to let you have the good gear.

And with the drop rates on some of the rarest mounts being what they are, you’d have to be extremely lucky to EVER get Rivendare’s Deathcharger.

So what’s the ultimate solution?

Well, it’s tough because the amount of time that any one person can spend on WoW is highly variable.

I would be happy to still be pottering around in 5.1 Pandaria, while others are hanging out for 5.4 because they’ve done 5.3 to death. I guess the smartest thing for Blizzard to do is not annoy the “professional” WoW players by letting content go stale.

Yes, I pay as much as they do, and yes, I’ll probably be hooked until the end, just like them.  But if things slow down, I’ll still pay my fees.  They might not.

Really, Blizzard knows what they’re doing when it comes to WoW.  They’ve been doing it well for 5 expansions.  I can personally tell them what I want, but it’s not what EVERYONE wants.

The only thing that everyone I’ve talked to agrees on in regards to this game, is that they love it, hate it, and are addicted all at the same time.

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  1. Well said. I'm fed up with the number of people I see tweeting and harassing Blizzard because they're not getting what 'everyone' wants, when what they want is actually something I am either indifferent to, or actually DON'T want. There are a lot of different types of players - PvPers who pay no attention to raids; Raiders who pay no attention to PvP; people who pay attention to and actively do both; people like me who don't do either for one reason or another, be it because they're not interested, or they have commitments which don't allow them to participate in such things.

    But then, as you've rightly said, there are also people who play frequently, people who play infrequently, people who want new content all the time and people who are happy to play older content, be it patch 5.1, or 3.2.

    Personally, I enjoy the levelling process, and if they didn't add any new levels, well then that would be it for me, plus there would be little visible progression for people like me, either. I'm quite excited about the possibility of this next expansion having 10 levels, but I know it'll drive me crazy when it comes to sending my third toon out there.